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As the only experience legislator running for office, I will bring to Congress the understanding of what hard working people deal with every day. When I ran for state representative, I ran because I wanted to do something more than just squawk on social media.

As an elected representative I have worked hard, along side other

legislators to keep our state the best state in the country. I feel that

by donating my time and working hard to fix issues in our state is far

more important than a pay check, I am a strong believer that a true

representative of the people should have skin I the game, this mean

that the best person to lead the people is one who has something to

lose and gain by fixing that system.






                                                                                                                           Alongside my fellow citizen legislators, we have prevented increase in

                                                                                                                         tax, stood strong and united to defend the second amendment and

                                                                                                                         create an incredible business and job market.

                                                                                                                           This is only part of what I will bring to Congress. I have the uniqueness

                                                                                                                         of being one of the people, this single fact means I understand what

                                                                                                                         living on the bottom feels like, what changes will most effect “everyone”

                                                                                                                         not just a specific economical class.  

                                                                                                                          Unlike my fellow running mates, I am not running to be a legislator, I am                                                                                                                          a legislator and I love what I do.

                                                                                                                           I hear at every gathering the same “I will work for you, I will fight for                                                                                                                                you” if this were true then why haven’t any of them ever run for state                                                                                                                                representative and prove that point?

Another significant difference between my running mates and myself is,

I have an actual voting record. Everyone can see what I stand for and

what I have done. The people do not have to take a chance with me,

they already have access to what I stand for.


So, when choosing who to support remember this isn’t a fund raiser,

it isn’t a company that needs running or I a campaign just to win.

It is understanding the people, effectively legislating real laws that force

change, and bringing the voice of the people back to our Congress.

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