“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”
-Benjamin Franklin


Hi, I'm William


I was born and raised in a small town in southern NH. I have always been a blue-collar, working-class Person.

 The issues I have seen over the years come from experience and seeing how regular people have had to live. 

 Like most hard-working blue-collar families, I have built a strong work ethic, a strict moral code and a belief that people are what makes America the strong, free country it is today.

 Our forefathers had a dream. That the country should always be
  ruled by the people.


 Today, the career minded, professional politicians have made
their way into our government and are hard at work making sure
the American dream never gets fulfilled.

 My goal is very simple; Build a stronger working class; Provide
ways for the blue-collar worker to achieve the American dream.

 I strongly feel, that to truly represent the people, you should be
as affected by what you do as they are.
This is what differentiates me from the status quo candidates.


What makes me different? I dont just represent the people, I am the people I represent.






                                                                                         As a Veteran of the United States Army NG, I understand the                                                                                                             issues and concerns that plague many of our veterans.

                                                                                           Weekly, I donate time to making sure they have their daily needs                                                                                                       are met by providing them access to rides to appointments, regular                                                                                                   access to shopping, and ability to keep active in the community.


After graduating from college, with a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor
in constitutional law, I worked in private security, providing services for large
corporations, industrial work sites and conducted insurance fraud investigations.

As a blue collar worker, I was able to make changes in many areas business,
safety, lost prevention and personal security.




                                                                                         Currently, I spend time teaching Martial Arts to children and adults.


                                                                                         I strongly feel helping others to build confidence, strength and respect is                                                                                                                    important, and is the foundation of success. 






                                                                   I annually participate in fund raising events

                                                                   to raise awareness and funds to help combat

                                                                   drug addiction.


                                                                   we regularly donate and are endorsed
                                                                    by chucky’s Fight

                                                                                         As an elected State legislator, I have worked hard to stop tax increase,  

                                                                                         build a stronger business foundation, fight to keep our constitutional                                                                                                  rights in place, and maintain our states motto "live free or die".

We have created one of the best economies of all 50 states,

created impressive business growth, created hundreds of

thousands of jobs, fought to protect our second amendment,

and maintained our minimal tax base.

Alongside our great Governor, we, for the first time in history

were able to give back to our communities.






                                                                                            My moral structure comes from a long history of family connections. 


                                                                                            My father passed away when I very young, leaving my mother to raise

                                                                                           me and my two brothers alone. This taught me the value of family.


                                                                                            My family history in NH is dated back hundreds of years, my maternal                                                                                             great grandmother was a Pennacook Indian, which was housed along

                                                                                          the seacoast. Their history is the foundation for which NH was based


A Rebirth of Constitutional Government

  • We the People
    I reaffirm the Constitution’s fundamental principles: limited government, separation of powers, individual liberty, and the rule of law. I denounce bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, ethnic prejudice, and religious intolerance. Therefore, we oppose discrimination based on race, sex, religion, creed, disability, or national origin and support statutes to end such discrimination.

  • The Second Amendment:Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    I uphold the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, a natural inalienable right that predates the Constitution and is secured by the Second Amendment. Lawful gun ownership enables Americans to exercise their God-given right of self-defense for the safety of their homes, their loved ones, and their communities.

  • Honest Elections and the Electoral College
    I oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and any other scheme to abolish or distort the procedures of the Electoral College. An unconstitutional effort to impose National Popular Vote would be a grave threat to our federal system and a guarantee of corruption, as every ballot box in every state would offer a chance to steal the presidency. We urge state legislatures that have voted for this proposal to rescind their approval.

  • Honest Elections and the Right to Vote
    I support legislation to require proof of citizenship when registering to vote and secure photo ID when voting. I strongly oppose litigation against states exercising their sovereign authority to enact such laws. In addition, to guarantee that everyone’s vote is counted, I urge that electronic voting systems have a voter-verified paper audit trail. I urge every state to join the Interstate Voter Registration Cross Check Program to keep voter rolls accurate and to prevent people from voting in more than one state in the same election. To guard against foreign involvement in our elections, I call for vigilance regarding online credit card contributions to candidates and campaigns.


Restoring the American Dream

  • Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs
    I support a growing economy that gives everyone a chance in life, an opportunity to learn, work, and realize the prosperity freedom makes possible.

  • Fair and Simple Taxes for Growth
    The current tax code is rightly the object of both anger and mockery. Its length is exceeded only by its complexity. We must start anew. That will be an enormous undertaking and, if it is to succeed, it must command the attention and approval of the American people. It cannot be engineered from the top down, but must have a common sense approach, and be simplified. 

  • A Winning Trade Policy
    We need better negotiated trade agreements that put America first. When trade agreements have been carefully negotiated with friendly democracies, they have resulted in millions of new jobs here at home supported by our exports. When those agreements do not adequately protect U.S. interests, U.S. sovereignty, or when they are violated with impunity, they must be rejected.

  • Freeing Financial Markets
    My vision for American banking calls for establishing transparent, efficient markets where consumers can obtain loans, they need at reasonable rates based on market conditions.

  • Reducing the Federal Debt
    Our national debt is a burden on our economy and families. The huge increase in the national debt demanded by and incurred during the current Administration has placed a significant burden on future generations. We must impose firm caps on future debt, accelerate the repayment of the trillions we now owe in order to reaffirm our principles of responsible and limited government, and remove the burdens we are placing on future generations.

Government Reform

  • Making Government Work for the People
    Founding Father and Constitution Framer James Wilson declared that in America, “the people are the masters of government,” but that in other countries, “the government is master of the people.” We pledge to make government work for the people, rather than the other way around. Much of what the federal government does can be improved, much should be replaced, and much needs to be done away with or returned to the states.

  • Balancing the Budget
    My approach to fiscal sanity and economic expansion begins with a constitutional requirement for a federal balanced budget. We will fight for Congress to adopt, and for the states to ratify, a Balanced Budget Amendment which imposes a cap limiting spending to the appropriate historical average percentage of our nation’s gross domestic product while requiring a super-majority for any tax increase, with exceptions only for war or legitimate emergencies. Only a constitutional safeguard such as this can prevent deficits from mounting to government default.

  • Immigration and the Rule of Law
    From its beginning, our country has been a haven of refuge and asylum. That should continue — but with major changes. Asylum should be limited to cases of political, ethnic or religious persecution. As the Director of the FBI has noted, it is not possible to vet fully all potential refugees. To ensure our national security, refugees who cannot be carefully vetted cannot be admitted to the country, especially those whose homelands have been the breeding grounds for terrorism.

  • Advancing Term Limits
    Our national platform has repeatedly endorsed term limits for Members of Congress. In response, the GOP Leadership in 1996 brought to a vote, in both the House and Senate, a constitutional amendment. It failed to secure the necessary two-thirds vote in the House, where 80 percent of Republicans voted for it and 80 percent of Democrats voted against it. Every Senate Republican voted to allow a vote on term limits, but the Democrats killed it by a filibuster.


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